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Look to MHSP’s Hotel Sales Consultants to provide high level leadership experience for your team to include training in both the “Calculated” and “Hustle” Sales approach ensuring your properties and or Sales Managers are aggressive and strategic to grow your hotel revenues! Providing and Training with SMART action plans with proven results, MHSP’s team has the passion, experience, tools and knowledge to train and hold your hotel sales efforts accountable to the accomplishment of your goals!

MHSP’s Leaders become a part of your team and work synergistically providing on-going communication, strategic pro-active conference calls, specific account plans of action, price value comparisons, marketing material guidance and creations, brand account guidance and endless resources that include policies and best practices for the entire hotel’s team!

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MHSP’s Hotel Sales Professionals are experienced and passionate about success. We have some of the most aggressive Hotel Sales Managers on our team follow proven sales steps using No “FEAR” Selling™ on how to find new revenue opportunities, evaluate the clients needs and hot buttons, ask for the business and resolving objections to shift share from your competitors.

Using both a “Calculated” Pro-Active Sales approach and “Hustle” to be the first one to close any new lead our team has helped hotels all across the United States achieve their sales revenue goals!


Did you know that FEAR of social settings & public speaking is ranked before FEAR of death? We all have common sales fears whether it is rejection of the sale, making that telemarketing call, asking for the business or just striking up that initial conversation at an event. No “FEAR” Selling™ uses classic sales steps that are proven to increase revenues. We provide the tools you need to be successful and help implement the process into your Sales Managers daily routine!

Using a “hands on approach” No “FEAR” Selling™ uses REAL target accounts and your backyard market helping them understand the importance of using their sales skills and immediately providing a return on your investment. Our Sales Professionals review every step from having a Professional Sales Image to Resolving Client Objections. Your team will receive tools to help them be more successful in Feature & Benefit Selling and properly Evaluating Client Needs, to ensure there is no money left on the table!

Our Hotel Sales Consultants understand the importance of formal training and the need for the Sales Managers to understand HOW and WHY they need to implement these skills into their daily routine.

my Sales BLITZ

Our Hotel Sales Consultants follow proven sales steps using No “FEAR” Selling™. Your Sales Professional will blanket your backyard, growing your hotel’s brand awareness in the market while finding new revenue opportunities. If you have a new hotel or brand, It is critical for the revenue success of your hotel to build a positive awareness in the market! My Hospitality Sales Pro Hotel Sales Consultants use an aggressive approach with a positive marketing impact.

While increasing your cash flow, your property sales representative receives hands on training to ensure on-going success for your property.

Each blitz provides a detailed final report with all Accounts, Contacts, SMART Action items, and total Revenue Opportunity We ensure on-going success with follow up action plan reviews.

my Social Media

MHSP understands the growing need for a managed, professional appearance on the various Social Media platforms. Our team of experts in Social Media Management work alongside your MHSP Sales Professional to pinpoint local target companies, popular special events in your market and engagement in local community affairs helping your hotel stand out against your competitors.

Elevate your guest experience and resolve any concerns quickly and effectively. Our process includes fresh, up to date (approved) content that will engage your local community with 80% Non-serving and 20% Serving ads. We work to customize target marketing to get you results by building awareness within your community to local companies, providing focus campaigns for off-peak wins!

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My Hospitality Sales Pro Sales Consultants are unique in the approach for a valid feasibility study for your hotel or brand.

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